Dune London, now celebrating 25 years as a renowned fashionable footwear and accessories brand for women and men, operate in a highly competitive high street retail environment as well as managing sales in a saturated online market place.

Whilst Dune have a successful online programme of marketing activity, it became clear that there was an untapped resource in the form of a database of customers and prospects that shop online or in store.


Dune needed to communicate directly with the like-minded folk who’d already shown an interest in the brand, to engage with their new season collection with the ultimate aim of increasing consumer spend through traffic to the website and footfall in store.


Primarily aiming to test the direct mail channel, Dune London had the perfect data available in house: engaged potential shoe-buyers who’d registered online and in store. (Though this data was put through its paces by Hurdle’s data police prior to the mailing). We worked out which customer segments were likely to respond to offers so that letters could be personalised accordingly.

Finally, we worked closely with Dune to align the design of the mailpacks to the new season’s brand work and produced two mailpacks of differing sizes, to judge whether a complete brand catalogue, or a cut-down version, would achieve the best response from our audiences.

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