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a revolutionary world-first printing process

An introduction to LightTouch

We at Hurdle are deeply committed to sustainability, constantly we are asking ourselves: Is there a better way? Every day we seek out innovative, effective and actionable solutions that will enable continued environmental protection whilst achieving major emission reductions in the print industry over the course of the future.

And we are proud to support one of the latest innovations: LightTouch.

A revolutionary world-first printing process that is set to change the future of print significantly provided by Seacourt.

So what is it?

LightTouch combines the benefits of waterless printing technology with instant LED drying. So not only does it save thousands of litres of water a year (8 million since 1997!), it also uses LED lights.

And of course, with instant drying, this process has the quickest turnaround time possible (literally the speed of light!) whilst maintaining the lightest environmental footprint possible and delivering enhanced quality print.

LED drying has never before been developed for a waterless printer. LightTouch is the first, and is paving the way for high performance, low impact printing.

  • No water
  • No alcohol
  • No substitutes
  • No spray powder
  • No sealer
  • Just 100% VOC-free ink

Why is this all so important?

The print industry is the fourth-largest manufacturing industry, and serious environmental offender, with its energy consumption comparable with that of the iron and steel industries. Traditional printing presses consume hundreds of thousands of litres of water per year, and on top of that, the sheer numbers of pollutants that are added to this finite resource are highly detrimental to the environment.

Waterless Benefits

  • Saves a massive amount of water – The environment will love you
  • This process reduces VOC emissions by 98.5% as no IPA or substitutes are used – The environment is definitely loving you more
  • Delivers enhanced quality, finer detail, punchier colours and greatly reduced dot gain – It looks outstanding your audience will be impressed

LED Benefits

  • Ink cures instantly, producing punchier colours and finer quality reproduction – These guys look professional what’s the website again?
  • Instant drying enables us to handle sheets quicker and therefore become more efficient and provide reduced turnaround times – Quick and high quality what’s not to love
  • We print on a much wider variety of substrates (due to instant curing), including: polyester, acetate, plastic and more – Let’s get disruptive with our creative
  • No need for set off sprays, coaters, sealers and additional cleaning agents, so there are significant resources that we no longer need to consume, further improving the environmental story for LED drying – Did we mention the environment?

And the list goes on…

LightTouch truly is the future of printing.

In fact, why don’t you see the quality of LightTouch for yourself?

We promise you won’t be disappointed.