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Contrary to popular belief, Direct Mail isn’t as expensive as many people think. Maybe that’s why, in an online world that increasingly delivers on brand, but not on revenue, it could pay to try it. 

There’s another good reason to consider DM too – the younger generation. Recent trends suggest they are more responsive to Direct Mail than ever; probably because they missed out on the DM era last time round. Whatever the reason, you’ll find Hurdle more than ready and able to help. 

Adept at taking campaigns from concept to delivery, you can expect the highest levels of creative excellence. We also work to a test and learn strategy where post campaign analysis is just as important as initial audience selection. 


Ideal for creating and supporting ‘postcode’ ownership by brands that are testing consumer engagement, Door Drop media is a simple, cost effective yet creative way of driving customers to the web. From the moment you brief Hurdle, we’ll set about planning campaigns that target the audience you want to reach and minimise wastage.

We’ll also take care of all logistical aspects of your campaign, including arranging print production and arranging delivery. 


Very much the unsung hero of printed direct response media, inserts are a great way of driving traffic to your website. And, because of our expertise in this oft-maligned medium, you can rest assured that we’ll provide everything you need to make your next Inserts campaign a cost-effective creative success. 

From planning and buying to print and delivery, Hurdle will take care of things every step of the way, right down to organising press or third party dispatch.


Often seen as an entry point for start-ups before getting into Direct Mail campaigns and understanding their effect, leafleting is also a supplementary area that works well with door drops and inserts. It can help drive home a marketing message or offer at focal points such as tube stations, shopping malls etc. too. 

Leaflet distribution is a good, cost effective solution to generating some sales and enquires. They are also useful for presenting your business initially, generating brand awareness and association. 



We will understand your business issue and propose an approach. 


We are experts in sourcing data or can recommend the best use of your own.


Our creative teams craft visual and copy specifically designed for direct communications.


We can take care of transforming your approved artwork into a tangible piece.


We’ll make sure you get the best deal for your chosen channel and take care of the paperwork.


Our favourite part! Various metrics can be used to analyse campaign performance.



Reactivate Lapsed

Cross Sell



Build Loyalty

Educate & Persuade

By implementing direct marketing techniques

Calls to Action

Offers & Incentives


Tailored Creative Look & Feel

Unique Format


Let’s Start Something new?

For more information about our services and how we can help build your brand through Offline Performance Direct Marketing drop us a line below or give us a call and pop in for a nice cuppa!