Karma is a new food App that offers customers unsold food from selected outlets that for at least a 50% discount. The App is downloaded and customers can search for rescue food in their vicinity. Once ordered the food is picked up directly from the participating retailer. With over 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted annually Karma are on a mission to drastically reduce the third of food produced that is thrown away.


Operating as a marketplace business Karma have launched in London with a growing coverage of food retailers to which they need to attract customers seeking to rescue food. The key challenge presented to Hurdle was to accelerate App downloads in areas where there is a high penetration of retailers.


When considering the approach Karma were keen to raise awareness as well as attract App downloads. Door drop media was chosen as it delivers optimum coverage in prescribed areas. As Kama is a new brand we wanted to create something that stood out amongst other leaflets and had relevance. Our solution was to die-cut a corner of the insert with ‘bite marks’. Hurdle also utilised our partnership with our ‘net planet positive’ print partner to ensure the campaign fitted within Karma’s CSR policy.

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