rise art


rise art


Rise Art is changing the way people discover – and own – art from around the world. It’s a revolution in the art world because your current preferences can be used to determine your potential reaction to new artists, whose works you can buy or rent.


The campaign ‘Art for Everybody’ launched a new and improved website, making the public aware that they can find art they will love through the unique matching technology.

A PR and social media stunt was leveraged with a door drop campaign to help heighten brand awareness and capitalise on the activation initiative.


Messaging centered around curated art for anyone who cares, is interested, wants to learn and discover about art. A strong call to action directed recipients online to sign-up for offers. The campaign was sent to art lovers and the culturally minded in four key areas in the South and North of London, whilst integrating images from the PR stunt, where nude models were painted with Britain’s most loved artworks that appeared in key public places.

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